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I’m Amanda and the writer behind My Life Is All Write.

During my spare time, you can find me reading books, writing, crafting, and/or binge-watching something on Netflix or Hulu. Even though I’ve always enjoyed writing since I little, it wasn’t until recently I really decided to pursue writing as more than just writing in a plethora of notebooks.

What will you find on my blog?
  • Books – I have without a doubt a huge lover of books! Therefore, I’ll be writing about pretty much anything book related. From Book Reviews, Book Hauls, and Book Lists, etc.
  • WritingIn case it wasn’t obvious, I am a writer! So, be on the lookout for story sneak peeks, as well as other posts dealing with writing!
  • Health and Fitness – “I be up in the gym just workin’ on my fitness” Follow along on my health journey!
  • Entertainment- Here you’ll be finding out all about my favorite or not so favorite Movies, TV Shows, & Music!
  • OtherTrust me when I say there will be plenty of times when I post some random posts that don’t really fit in the other categories, so that’ll be where this one comes in!

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