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Take It One Day At A Time: 6 Books To Help You Overcome Depression

Depression can be of the easiest things to hide, but one of the hardest things to overcome. As someone who has dealt with depression in the past, I understand what you are going through. While depression isn’t a one size fits all illness, anyone suffering can find some sort of comfort or help from any or all of the books listed below.

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It’s A Thriller Tonight! 9 YA Thrillers To Cozy Up With This Fall

The leaves are changing and everything is getting pumpkin spiced; meaning fall is in the air! There’s nothing better than sitting by a campfire and drinking hot apple cider while reading a bone-chilling thriller. Here are 10 books to add to your fall reading list!

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It Gets Better! 9 YA Books About Mental Illness

Mental illness is a very real thing that many are suffering from. Unless you actually have some sort of disorder yourself, it can be quite hard to understand what it’s like. Reading any of the books below may help with better understanding the battles over 42.5 million people face and might even help you find the strength to cope with your own illness.

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