Working On My Fitness: To Spin or Not To Spin?

To Spin Class or Not To Spin Class? 

Spin or Cycle classes have been around for ages. This we all know, however, it wasn’t really until the last few years or so when Spin/Cycle Studios have been popping up everywhere due to its increase in popularity. The growing trend of spin classes seem to stem from spin franchises like SoulCycle (popular among many celebrities) and CycleBar. As someone who has been diving into fitness over the last few years, taking a spin class has always been on my radar. 

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I’ve even looked into different spin studios in my area, most of which offer a free class or a discounted price for new riders, but I’ve never gone. It wasn’t until last month, June 2019, that I finally decided to take a spin class for the first time. Now, I will say it wasn’t at one of these spin specific, fancy, studios. 

But a spin class is still a spin class, no matter where you take it. 

Why I Chose Not to Spin For So Long 

Before I get into how I finally managed to take a class, I’m going to talk about all the reasons why I never worked up the courage to take one before. Having PCOS (Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome), it’s extremely hard for me to lose weight, but quite easy to gain it. So, my weight has yo-yoed over the last few years and I’d get into a fitness routine, but then I’d get out of it, etc. 

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Due to all of the above, the thought of going to a spin class was scary. Worrying about not being able to finish a class, being “fit” enough, or possibly being the person who is throwing up in a trash can like you see on the weight loss shows. Plus, I also suffer from anxiety and the thought of other people staring at me or thinking I don’t belong there was also on my mind. 

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Another reason is how much it costs. Many classes at studios are either pay per class or pay for a monthly membership with unlimited rides.  Which sounds like a good deal. However, when you break down how many classes I’d have to take per week to make my money back, but also save, may not always be realistic for me.  Either way, one could easily spend hundreds of dollars just for one month. 

Finally Choosing to Spin

Okay, so let’s see, where to start. This summer I bought a three month pass at my community recreation center. This is much cheaper than other gyms. I started going a few days a week to the gym for about a week or two. 

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Well, one day I was at my gym warming up. I overheard one of the workers talking about how no one had arrived for the 8:45am Spin Class that morning. At first, I didn’t think anything of it, and went back to focusing on my warm up. A few more minutes went by and still no one had arrived. I asked one of the workers a little bit about the spin class.  They told me they would take me back to the studio if I was interested.

I debated for a few minutes and something inside of me said yes. Before, I didn’t want to attend a class was because I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. This was my chance. I mean, how often is there no one in class. Next thing I know, I’m pressing stop on the treadmill, cleaning it, and heading to my first spin class. 

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The weird thing is I wasn’t even nervous or gave it much of a second thought. I think the fact that it was such a spontaneous decision, helped me. When I walked into the studio, I was introduced to the instructor. She helped me figure out my bike settings. Before sharing all the other information I needed to know. 

And then class started. 

Just Keep Spinning

I ended up finishing the rest of the class time. I had accomplished something I’ve wanted to do for so long. Yes, it was only about 45 minutes left by the time,  but still this was HUGE for me. I walked out of the class already falling in love. Instantly, I knew I wanted to try another class.  

Now, I won’t lie and say that it was super easy because it wasn’t. And my butt was pretty sore that week, too. Going at my own pace and finishing, motivated me to want to return. 

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And I did.

In fact, to date, I’ve been to almost twenty spin classes in the last month and a half. I can already tell I’m getting “fitter” when it comes to spin class. I’m able to use more resistance. I can also stay in other positions (3rd & standing) for longer periods.  

Spin has quickly become one of my favorite workouts. I couldn’t be more proud or happier with myself for finally going. 

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S T O R Y T I M E Y ‘ A L L!!! I’m smiling ear to ear right now!! IM SO PROUD OF MYSELF!!! ☺️ I went to the gym this morning to do some cardio. I was on a machine for like 5 minutes, when I over heard one of the workers saying no one had shown up yet for the 8:45 Cycle class. I didn’t think anything of it, but then it got to closer to 9:00 and no one still had shown up. Now, I’ve always wanted to try a spin class, but I’ve talked myself out of it because 1️⃣ Social Anxiety & 2️⃣ I’m not “fit” enough and could like pass out etc. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT??? I fucking took that class today! Since I was the only one there I got one on one advice and set up AND I was able to complete the rest of the class time (40 minutes) and I am fit enough to finish at my own pace. I never thought I would be able to take a class by myself without a friend going with me. BUT I DID. I never thought I would ever take a class and be able to finish it. BUT I DID. I never thought I wouldn’t be anxious going into a class. BUT I WASN’T. And most importantly, I never thought I’d ever take a class and then want to go back! BUT I DO! There’s actually a different class tomorrow morning that’s more stationed based with weight training incorporated as well. IM SO EXCITED!!!! 🤩 #blogilates #poppilates #summersculpt #popster #cycleclass #spinning #fitnessmotivation

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Have you ever taken a Spin class? Or thought about it? 

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below! 🙂 

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