Jonas Brothers – Happiness Begins in Nashville

It’s true, I’m a Sucker for you. 

2019 has been a whirlwind of a year. Never would I have thought that the Jonas Brothers would not only be getting back together, but also releasing a new album and going on tour. The day of their announcement, I remember texting my best friend Amy and freaking out with her. I even took to social media to express my excitement. When it came to the release of their new single, Sucker, they released it along with a music video at midnight. Technically it was eleven my time, so I didn’t have to stay up super late, but I refused to go to sleep and miss the premiere. 

Seeing the countdown and then finally hearing the opening notes of ‘Sucker’ brought had me smiling ear to ear. My heart raced as I watched and freaked out over the comeback of the first band I ever truly stanned. Next up after the single, they spent a week with James Corden for his Late Late Show. Then came the announcement of the album, a tour, another single (Cool), and an announcement for their documentary called Chasing Happiness

The Jonas Brothers were officially back and practically throwing new content in our faces. And because of that, I knew that 2019 was going to be one of the best years I’ve had in awhile. 

It was fun when were young and now we’re older. 

When I say the Jonas Brothers were the first band I’ve ever stanned, I’m not lying. I first saw them on TRL in 2006, when they were introducing their single ‘Mandy’. I wouldn’t say they won me over at that moment, but I did enjoy the song and listened to their other songs on their first album, ‘It’s About Time’. However, the year that I truly began stanning would be in 2007, when they first started working with Disney. 

All throughout high school, my locker was covered in photos of them from magazines. I had folders and notebooks with their faces and names on the cover. When Camp Rock premiered, I watched it every night that first weekend. I bought a Camp Rock lunch box and used it in high school, I might add. My clothing style involved skinny jeans, vests,Ray Bans, and bangs similar to those Demi Lovato wore in Camp Rock.

OG Jonas Brothers Fan

 Amy and I made youtube videos, that have since been deleted, after school. We saw the 3D Concert Experience movie opening weekend. I was a member of their fan website. In 2009, I saw them in concert for the first time with Amy. I was supposed to see them the following year, but it was canceled do to everything that happened with Demi. 

I even saw Nick during his solo venture with Nick Jonas and the Administration. 

So, as you can tell I was pretty obsessed with the Jonas Brothers, which means I’m a  true OG Jonas Brothers fan. 

Let’s find a place where Happiness Begins

The Jonas Brothers made a stop in Nashville on their Happiness Begins tour on September 10th. To say I was excited to attend would be an absolute understatement. When Amy and I got to the arena, we quickly bought our tour shirts and recreated our picture from 2009. Speaking of, the Jonas Brothers twitter account liked my photo! 

Once we got to our seats, it started to feel a bit more real that we were there. When the lights went out around 9:30, screams erupted from me and then entire audience. This was it. This was the moment I had been waiting for so long. The biggest grin on my face as I screamed my heart out. I felt like a small child on Christmas morning anticipating opening their presents as their beginning video started playing. The second the three of them appeared, being lowered from the rafters, I screamed louder than I had the entire night so far. 

The B Stage lifted and turned in the air. The flashbacks to 2009 though.

The boys opened the show with Rollercoaster, which is such a sentimental song. Not only are they singing about their experiences as brothers and being in a band, but it also signifies the journey us original fans have gone through with them as well. Our seats were the closest I’ve ever sat at a concert and when they appeared on the B Stage, I couldn’t get over just how close they were to us.

Look at how close!!!

I screamed, danced, and sang at the top of my lungs the entire night. Their set included songs from their newest album, as well as, a few of their hits from before. To add more songs to the setlist, they performed a megamix, or a medley of songs from their past towards the end of the show. I like to refer to the megamix as the OG Jonas Megamix because honestly, unless you were a fan from back in the day or looked into their old music, you wouldn’t know the words to the songs.

Still can’t get over this night!

 Joe even refers to that segment of the show as something to give back for the OG Jonas Brothers Fans who have been there from the beginning. 

They also performed Jersey as the fan request and brought Dan + Shay on stage to perform their hit song, ‘Tequila.’

Come back to me, baby, I’ll come back to you. 

The signs!

One of the best moments of the night happened during the boys’ performance of Comeback. A group of fans, With the Band, made thousands of copies of paper sign that read, “Thank you for coming back to us,” and had them passed out to everyone in the arena prior to the show. We all kept them hidden throughout until it was time for Comeback. The song itself, is already quite emotional on its own, but seeing practically everyone, and I mean everyone, holding up these signs as we all sang along brought on even more emotions. 

Nick commented on the signs during the performance saying, “This is a beautiful sight Nashville.” While Joe teared up stating, “Wow” once the song was over. The house lights were brought up and we all stood there screaming as the boys took it all in. To be apart of that moment was everything because this show meant a lot to the majority of us fans, so to give something back to the boys like that was just incredible. 

The emotions got even worse when they went straight into ‘When You Look Me in the Eyes’ right after. 

‘Cause I’d go back and ride that Roller coaster with you.

Cause I’m Burnin’ Up, Burnin’ Up for you baby!

The Happiness Begins tour was without a doubt everything I could have ever wanted it to be and more. Being there seeing them on stage and belting out the songs that got me through some pretty tough times in high school, was the most euphoric feeling. Even just thinking about it or watching the videos brings a smile on my face. I never thought I would be feeling this way in 2019, but here I am. 

And I wouldn’t change a thing. 



Jonas Brothers SetList – Nashville, TN 

  • Rollercoaster
  • SOS (Better believe Amy and I did Kevin’s SOS Dance)
  • Cool 
  • Only Human (And we did the Only Human Dance)
  • Strangers
  • That’s Just the Way We Roll 
  • Fly with Me (Cue the Squeals)
  • Used to Be (Kevin’s speech prior to this… Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry)
  • Hesitate (B-Stage that lifted in the air and gave me 2009 flashbacks)
  • Jersey (Seriously they need to release this!)
  • Gotta Find You 
  • Jealous
  • Cake by the Ocean (Such a fun song and performance)
  • Comeback (feels were real with this one!)
  • When You Look Me in the Eyes (I’m not crying… yes, yes, I’m crying.)
  • Tequila with Dan + Shay (because Nashville)
  • I Believe 
  • OG Jonas Fans MegaMix
    • Mandy/Paranoid/Got Me Going Crazy/Play My Music/WWIII/Hold On/Tonight
  • Lovebug (this song goes HARD)
  • Year 3000 (Jumped around like a maniac)


  • Burnin’ Up (The flames, Red Dress, and Big Rob’s part – Still know all the words)
  • Sucker (And just like that it was over)

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