Life Is Like A Rollercoaster


Life is like a roller coaster, filled with ups and downs,
Crazy turns, and incongruous spins.
At times we may feel as if our world is upside down
And as much as we want to there is no way of going in reverse.
The past is just that, the past. There’s no changing it, it just is.
Many of us think that if we go back to change something of our past
That our present life will be better or easier.
But seeing as how we cannot go back
We will just live our lives wondering ‘what if’ and not enjoying the present.
And soon the present will become the past
And the future will become the present
And the cycle of life will continue until our last breath.
So have no regrets, live, love, and laugh to the fullest
Because this roller coaster we call life can end just as abruptly as it began.

Published in The America Library of Poetry: The Gold Edition- 2010 Poetry Collection Book

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