The Day I Met THE Sarah Dessen


            Sarah Dessen released her 14th novel, The Rest of the Story, last month. Accompanying the release, she held a book tour one of the stops being at Parnassus Books in Nashville, TN. As soon as I found out about her stop in Nashville, I knew I had to attend. I mean this was my chance to meet my all-time favorite author and I had to take it. 

Yes, I have an entire shelf dedicated to Sarah Dessen books. .
Yes, I have an entire shelf dedicated to Sarah Dessen books. .

         To receive a ticket and attend the signing, I had to purchase a copy of The Rest of the Story from Parnassus. So, I immediately canceled my pre-order on Amazon and ordered a copy from the bookstore.

The Day of the Event 

The book finally in my hands and look at that signing ticket!
The book finally in my hands and look at that signing ticket!

         The day of the signing my best friend, also a huge SD fan, and I met up to head to Parnassus with our Sarah Dessen books in tow. We arrived about an hour prior to the event and people were already seating. Overall, there were probably fifty or more by the start. We were allowed to take photos, however, videos or audio recordings weren’t allowed.

        As soon as Sarah came out, the room filled with excited screams and smiles. I took a few photos, but I wanted to live in the moment and hear what she had to say. Mostly, she talked about, The Rest of the Story, and her writing process for it. We had time for audience questions, which included questions regarding the upcoming Netflix projects for her novels, Along for the Ride, This Lullaby, and Once and For All. She didn’t have much to say due to the the deal having just been announced. 


       However, one thing she did mention was that she would be in talks with the writers to make sure certain details or scenes that are important to us fans would be in the final screenplay. Including… Spinnerbait – Hate Spinnerbait! 

      Other topics that were talked about included Gilmore Girls, summer memories, other projects, dabbing into Adult fiction or Middle Grade, and writing tips for young writers. 

Meeting Sarah Dessen

2019 has been made my friends!
2019 has been made my friends!

       When it came time to get in line, we went in order based on the letter on our tickets. We had Letter A, so we were part of the first group. As part of the signing, Sarah would personalize, The Rest of the Story, and sign up to two other books. I had thought about bringing in two, but decided on just bringing in one, Saint Anything. It was a hard decision to choose which one to bring, and the fact that I was in the process of moving with my books packed up didn’t help either. 

Look at me forming words!
Look at me forming words!

       Anyway, when it was finally my turn, I walked up to the table and… I think I said Hi. Honestly, it happened so fast and I felt so overwhelmed I couldn’t form proper words at first. I handed my phone to a worker at the bookstore, who took the photos while Sarah signed my books. At some point, I figured out what words were and told Sarah about me working in a school library and introducing her books to this younger generation. She thanked me and we took our photo together and… just like that it was over. 

On our way out, we took a few quick photos at the photobooth. 

Did this really happen? Yes... Yes. It. Did.
Did this really happen? Yes… Yes. It. Did.

And that is pretty much it. 

I still can’t believe I met my favorite author. It was so worth it and I’m happy I was able to go. 

– A.P.S

If you could meet any author, dead or alive, who would it be?

Let me know in the comments! 

Author’s Note:

My book review for The Rest of the Story will be coming soon!

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