My Life is All Write Has Been Revamped!!

What I’ll be posting on my blog!
  • Books
    • Book Reviews – I will be giving reviews (good and bad) of books I’ve read.
    • Book Hauls – I will be writing posts about books I’ve recently bought.
    • Currently Reading – Giving updates on books I’m currently reading and my thoughts on them.
    • Book Lists – Lists of books I believe go together, whether it be a particular theme or similar books.
    • Monthly Wrap-Ups – A list of books I’ve read in a month’s time and just a brief overview of my thoughts on them.
  • Writing 
    • Current Work In Progress (WIP) – Updates/Sneek Peaks of current writing projects.
    • Wattpad – Posts about anything Wattpad related.
    • My Life as a Writer – A rundown of my life and my writing routine.
    • NaNoWriMo – My tips and tricks for participating in National Novel Writing Month and updates during the month of November.
    • Published Work – Writing I’ve had published on another website.
  • Health and Fitness
    • Current Fitness Routine – Either on a Monthly basis or weekly basis, I’ll be updating my fitness schedule and the workouts I’m doing.
    • Workout Reviews – My thoughts on workouts I’ve done and my results from them.
    • What I Eat In A Day – Occasional posts about what I eat in a day for my weight loss and fitness journey and recipes.
    • Weight Loss Journey – Updates about my weight loss.
  • Other 
    • Just Me – Any posts about different events in my life or thoughts that don’t really fit into a certain category.
    • Travel – Anything travel related including reviews/recommendations of things and places I’ve been to and places I would like to go to one day.
    • Miscellaneous Reviews – Posts may include reviews of music, TV Shows, Movies, electronics, clothing, makeup, etc.

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I will be posting on Sundays and Thursdays! Starting Sunday, July 29th. 



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