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PiYo by Chalene Johnson with BeachBody On Demand

No Weights, no jumps, just hardcore results. 

Source: Beachbody

What is PiYo?

PiYo is a 60-day program developed by Chalene Johnson that combines moves from pilates and yoga. It’s a low-impact, fat-burning workout that sculpts your muscles, strengthens your core and improves your overall flexibility.

Whether you’re a beginner or someone who is in the greatest shape of your life, PiYo can be for you.

Source: Beachbody

How I Discovered PiYo

I’m sure by now, everyone has heard of Beachbody and their programs. With workouts like Insanity, I always thought that I was too unfit to even try their workouts. Plus, their programs can be quite expensive. Anyway, one day I came across one of their many infomercials, but this time it was for PiYo.

As I started watching, I knew it was something I would be interested in. I’ve done a bit of yoga and pilates in the past, so this program really jumped out at me. It also seemed like an excellent beginner’s program. After the infomercial was over, I looked into it and discovered Beachbody On Demand (BOD).

If you’re unfamiliar with BOD basically it’s like the Netflix of Beachbody workouts. You can stream all of their most popular programs on your computer, TV, Phone, etc. It also gives you access to the nutrition plans and gives you a workout schedule. You get all of this for a membership fee.

3 months - $39

6 Months - $59

12 Months - $99

There is also a Free 14 Day Trial that you can sign up for with the 3-month plan, which is what I did! Check out their website, if you’d like to check out more about Beachbody On Demand.

The PiYo Plan

Within the plan, there’s a schedule that lists which workouts to do on what day and in what order, which keeps you from wondering where to start.

There are two versions of PiYo that they offer, PiYo and PiYo Deluxe. The only main difference is that in PiYo Deluxe there are two extra workouts, but you need strength slides or paper plates to use them.  In PiYo, all you really need is a yoga mat and a chair, but even those are optional.

There are 9 total workouts, 11 with Deluxe, that you rotate within the two months of doing PiYo.

Both programs start with Align: The Fundamentals, which is a workout where Chalene teaches you each of the moves in PiYo and how to find the right alignment.

An eating plan is also provided within the program materials. With the eating plan, you can figure out the estimated calories you need to consume to lose weight, gain weight, or maintain your current weight. Once you figure out your calorie range, you look up your “plan” and it lists how many servings of protein, vegetables, carbs, fruits, and fats you should have each day. While there aren’t any recipes, a list of foods for each “food group” is available.

My goal is to lose weight, so after doing some math, I need to eat around 1,725 calories, which falls under Plan C.

Plan C includes

6 Servings of Primary Vegetables

2 Servings of Secondary Vegetables & Grains (Carbs)

3 Servings of Fresh Fruit

6 Servings of Lean Protein 

4 Servings of Healthy Fats

Within the eating plan booklet, there is also a stats tracker where you can write down your before and after PiYo results.

** PiYo Schedule, Eating Plan, Food Lists, and Stats Tracker are ALL Printable PDFs.

Before PiYo Stats/Measurements

Weight: 175 Lbs

Chest: 41.1 in

R. Arm: 13 in.

L. Arm: 12.5 in.

Waist: 35.5 in

R. Thigh: 22 in

L Thigh: 22.5

Hips: 43 in

Total Inches: 146.6

My Thoughts After Week 1 of PiYo

I’m in love! PiYo has instantly become my favorite workout to do. I look forward to my PiYo workout every day and as soon as it’s over, I can’t wait until the next day to do another. I hook up my computer to my TV with an HDMI cord, so I can see the workout on a bigger screen.

When I said PiYo is perfect for any fitness level, I mean it. A modifier is provided for those who are just starting out or aren’t that flexible (aka me), an intermediate version for those who are able to do a little more, and then a super advanced version for those who are able to go beast mode.

Also, if you feel like the modifier is still too hard for you, you can adjust to your level when you need to, or if you can check out this playlist that can help you modify the modifier.

So far this is an excellent workout program and I can’t wait to see my results at the end of PiYo!

I’ll do an update of my results and my thoughts at the end of Month 1! 🙂

*I’m not affiliated, sponsored, or paid by Beachbody for this post. These are my own thoughts and opinions and just an overview of the program and its materials.

For more information, please check out Beachbody’s website, beachbody.com 


Source: Beachbody

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